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AME is an association, of evangelical Christian motorcyclists coming from various regions and different evangelical churches, allowing us to meet in order to share our common passions of the Bible and the motorbike.

Being a member of AME is without any obligation other than to behave appropriately among brothers and sisters in the LORD with love and respect. Meetings in order to fraternize, bear witness, evangelize, travel and do various activities and motorbike outings.

Romans 12.5

“… We who are many are one body in Christ, and we are all members of one another. “

Psalm 133.1

“What a pleasure it is for brothers, and what happiness to be together! “

Travel to New Brunswick

11 motorcyclists took part in the trip to New Brunswick, all of whom mentioned that they liked it so much that they want to do this kind of trip again… Read More »Travel to New Brunswick

1st members’ BBQ

We had a wonderful BBQ this year!

Motorcycle Show 2016

In construction